Types of yoga classes

Hatha Yoga


The asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work) that we practice in the West constitute „Hatha Yoga“.  This term  can mean either „forceful“ or „willful“, indicating that Hatha  yoga requires a certain amount of effort for transformation to occur.  It can also mean sun (ha) and moon (tha), which refers to the balance of masculine qualities such as active/hot/sun with the feminine qualities such as receptive/cool/moon.  Thus Hatha yoga is a practice that creates balance within the systems of the body and helps to unite the various aspects of ourselves.  It allows us to still the fluctuations of the mind by requiring us to bring our attention to the breath and to the alignment of the body in the various postures.


Hatha Flow Yoga

(Basics, Deep Hatha Flow, Hatha Flow, Candlelight Flow)


Our Hatha Flow classes begin either with a few moments seated in silence or with breath work.  We then move on to a slow warm up, progress into flowing Sun Salutations, a creative flow of dynamic standing poses and finally move into the slower seated postures.  The sequences of asanas are designed to align your skin, the muscles and the bones so that Life Energy (prana) can flow freely through the many energy channels of the body, especially through the main energy channel running along the spine (Sushumna).  A Hatha Flow class  increases the body’s strength and flexibility and also brings clarity and serenity to the mind.  The difference between the various Hatha Flow classes is the degree of difficulty not only regarding the postures themselves but the reference to the inner energy work involved.


Yin Yoga


This class is a slow-paced style of Yoga with postures held for comparatively long periods of time 2 – 5 minutes per pose.  Because of this the asanas have an effect on the connective tissues – the tendons, fascia and ligaments – and therefore increase the circulation of Qi (subtle energy that runs through the meridian pathway of the body) and blood in the joints and improve flexibility and nourish the organs. This is a wonderful complement to the more Yang, dynamic types of class such as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Flow.


Yoga for the over 60’s


This class is designed to keep body and mind fit and flexible! As the body ages we face many challenges: loss of bone density, stiffness, hardening of the arteries, hormonal fluctuations, mild depression .... a regular yoga practice can help combat all of this so that we can still move around in a happy, healthy body. We use the help of chairs, blocks and belts where appropriate.


Kids/Teens Yoga


Modern lifestyles subject children to everyday stresses in life and increased pressure in schools. Yoga provides our children with a set of tools and a solid foundation to balance these pressures.  By providing a nurturing but focused learning atmosphere yoga encourages children to relax and have fun whilst developing both their mental and physical potential.  Yoga is non-competitive and allows each child to work at his or her own pace. By assisting each other through partnering, the children help each other to achieve their goals in the asana practice. This helps develop compassion and awareness towards others.  Learning through play with yoga games, music and inspirational stories, a varied program is offered, teaching children many different aspects of yoga.


SUP Yoga


SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle. If you enjoy the outdoors, fresh air and water beneath you this playful approach to yoga would appeal to you. Connect to the element of water as you move through a yoga practice on the paddle board putting your balance to the test.  SUP Yoga develops strength, fluidity and is a great core workout. Classes are held in Erlenbach on the Zürichsee.


Private Yoga Coaching


The aim of a private class or Yoga therapy class is to tailor-make a practice that suits your personal needs. In such a setting we have enough time to explain and show you appropriate practices of asana, pranayama and meditation techniques for your personal situation. Such a class can be of benefit for the following conditions:


Chronic back and neck tension

Muscle tension

Spinal problems

Chronic health issues


Digestive problems

High Blood pressure

Anxiety and Depression



Corporate Yoga


Yoga in the workplace is becoming increasingly popular as companies take a proactive step in reducing the stress levels of their staff ensuring they stay fit and healthy.  For further information please contact Rachel Sundström.


Feel free to contact us to arrange a trial class. We look forward to sharing our love of yoga with you.