Terms & Conditions

Series/Passholder Rules

Series of 5, 10, 20 classes and Annual Pass are personal, not transferrable and are payable in advance or on the first course day.  In special cases (e.g. moving away, accidents, long illness or pregnancy) the series/pass can be transferred to another person by submitting a request in writing to info@yogatopia.ch


Time Stop

Running series of passes can only be interrupted for long illness, accidents or pregnancy and with a medical attest.  Time stops must be requested in advance in writing to info@yogatopia.ch.


Private Lessons/Workshops/Massage/Reflexology

Scheduled dates for private lessons, massage and reflexology are binding and will be fully charged unless they are cancelled 24 hours in advance.  Reservations for workshops are binding.  A refund for a reserved workshop can only be issued for illness or accident and if a medical attest follows the cancellation.


Modifications of Studio and Teacher Schedule

We reserve the right to change the studio and teacher schedule at any time and without prior notice.  No reimbursements will be made.  YogaTopia can cancel a class if there is not a minimum of three students.