Studio Guidelines

Please observe these simple guidelines to enhance your yoga experience and create a harmonious ambiance within the yoga practice space.

What to wear/bring

Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.  Yoga is usually practised barefoot but if you prefer to wear socks they should be anti-slip.  For hygienic reasons we recommend you bring your own mat.  If you do not own your own mat we have all the necessary equipment in the studio.  Through the practice of yoga the body will generate heat so you may want to bring a small towel.


Kindly park along Habüelstrasse.  Parking in Geissbüelstrasse and directly outside the studio is not permitted.


To ensure the class begins in a calm and punctual manner please arrive 10 minutes before the class begins.  Enter the studio quietly, observing the sacred space of the practice room.  Find your place and take these extra few moments to settle the mind or practise breath awareness.

Shoe free zone

Please remove shoes upon entering the studio.  Shoes, coats and bags can be left in the changing area at the back of the studio or the overflow area in the corridor.

Mobile phones

Please turn off mobile phones or switch on airplane mode and leave them in the changing area at the back of the studio.  No mobile phones in the practice space, this way everyone can be fully present and enjoy the yoga practice without any external distractions.

Food and beverages

To enjoy the full benefits practise on an empty stomach, if possible try to eat at least two hours before the class.  Drink plenty of water or herbal tea after the class.  Please refrain from bringing food and beverages into the practice space; bottled water is fine for keeping the body hydrated.

Respect your boundaries

Everyone progresses at a different rate.   Be kind and patient with yourself and respect your boundaries.  Yoga is non-competitive and it is not so much about reaching the ultimate goal or asana but rather the journey you experience along the path of yoga.

Healthy practice

Tell the teacher about injuries, other health issues or if you are pregnant.  Be open to assistance to ensure your practice is safe and ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

Meditation and relaxation

Please respect these quiet, sacred moments of the yoga practice.  If you are running late for class kindly wait until the meditation is over before entering the studio.  The same applies if you need to leave early please do so before Savasana/relaxation so as not to disturb your fellow yogis/yoginis.

Modifications to the studio and teacher schedule

YogaTopia can cancel a class if there is not a minimum of three students.  We reserve the right to change teachers and the teaching schedule at any time and without prior notice.  No reimbursements will be made.

Smoke free zone

The yoga studio and surrounding area outside is a smoke free zone.