My path to yoga was not a straight one.  Born in Antwerp, Belgium, I was a gymnast for eight years, played volleyball for three years, moved to New York City and was a modern dancer for ten years.  Then I studied acting - as part of my acting training I studied movement for actors with Loyd Williamson.  His work opened my eyes to the world like nothing did before.  Under his mentorship I taught his work, the Williamson Technique, for twenty years both at the Actors Movement Studio in NYC and at the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. 


It was while I was studying with Loyd that I discovered yoga.  To me yoga is very much the art of Listening: “Listening With The Body” to the body.  In the asana practice, as I teach it, we gently challenge the body and become aware of our barriers - these can be physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual... in nature. 


By practicing non-judgement of these barriers and with help of our breath these barriers cease to be obstacles and they become our teachers. 


Jan teaches in English.