In view of the spread of the new coronavirus, YogaTopia would like to take all measures possible to keep you safe and well while continuing to enjoy your yoga practice in a group.


We have consulted with a contact at the Federal Office of Public Health - FOPH (Bundesamt für Gesundheit- BAG) who has reassured us that so far the size of our classes at YogaTopia are fine. 


Nevertheless, keeping everyone's health and safety in mind, please note the following precautions:

  • We will ensure that you have enough space between each mat.
  • It would now be advisable to bring your own yoga mat and props to class. If you use our studio mats and props then please disinfect them after use. The bottles of disinfectant are at the back of the studio with enough paper provided. 
  • During this time we will refrain from making adjustments and instead do so verbally.
  • After every class we will be disinfecting the floor thoroughly and airing the studio.
  • Class size will be maximum 10 participants. 
  • If you or anyone in your household or social/work circles show any symptoms of sickness please do not come to class.  Thank you for respecting this.
  • Please greet each other with a beautiful Namaste.
  • We ask you to wash your hands thoroughly with soap (for at least 20 seconds) before and after every yoga class. Paper towel will be provided in the bathroom and kitchen area to dry your hands. Please avoid contact with paper disposed by others.

Thank you for your contribution in keeping us all safe during these times.


Here are some useful tips from the Ayurvedic world to keep your immune system strong:

  • In the morning prepare a flask of boiled water and add a few slices of ginger. Sip this regularly throughout your day and always ensure that your mouth and throat are moist. Drink a LOT!
  • A few essential oils with strong anti-viral properties are Tea Tree (Teebaum), Eucalyptus, Ravensara, Rosemary and Cinnamon Oil. You can put a few drops of these oils in a 20 ml spray bottle of water and carry it with you to spray on your hands as a disinfectant. You can also put a few drops of these oils on a tissue and breathe a few deep breaths of the oils into your system. Alternatively you can use these oils in a diffuser to cleanse your living spaces. The above essential oils can be bought at any Drogerie. If you would like advise on the essential oils and how to use them please contact Rachel.
  • Keep your immune system healthy by getting enough restful sleep, eating at the right times of the day. According to Ayurveda the biggest meal should be consumed at lunchtime (12 – 14) when your digestive fires are at their strongest and in the evening it’s best to eat a lighter warm meal such as soups, vegetables, light stews. No raw food at night because the body cannot digest raw food very well.
  • And last but not least LAUGH!! Tell jokes, read funny stories, watch a comedy – laughter and joy are the body’s best way to maintain a strong immune system.